Up high!

The internationally successful construction technology company STRABAG AG is currently building an extraordinary residential project in Vienna – the residential tower The Marks.

STRABAG and The one are setting new standards with the realisation of the tallest residential building in Vienna at 128 metres with a total of 178 rental flats and 232 condominiums.

Logo von Kunde Strabag, der CONTAKT build & hub nutzt

CONTAKT build & hub Performance under time pressure.

The tight schedule for the shell construction period of 2020-2022 poses a major challenge. Our software solution CONTAKT build & hub is an essential building block for completing The Marks in record time.

In order to be able to react quickly to deviations and sources of disruption, compliance with the defined daily and weekly targets usingCONTAKT buildwas essential. InCONTAKT hub, the site manager could immediately view all the necessary checks and inspections of the (subcontractor) construction work clearly in the dashboard. If there was a deviation from the cycle, it was possible to react immediately. The scheduling of tasks on site, both by internal teams and subcontractors, was synchronised between the lean lot planning, the BIM team and the site team, ensuring clear and consistent communication for all.

With the software CONTAKT, we have combined the gusto pieces from BIM, LEAN & site team together and thus create a truly ingenious added value.

Bmstr. Dipl. Ing. Walter Haberfellner, Function Lead Site Services bei STRABAG AG

For many colleagues, the use of CONTAKT build & hub was the first point of contact with the topic of “digital construction sites”. Of course, this caused a lot of scepticism at the beginning – something like this always means change. The training and the constant dialogue with the CONTAKT employees and with each other definitely helped. The rest of the scepticism disappeared through the daily work, which then worked extremely well.

Mujo Junuzovic, foreman at STRABAG AG
Rohbau eines Hochhauses ist ein Bauprojekt von STRABAG, bei dem CONTAKT Sensoren und Concremote eingesetzt werden

A juxtaposition of similar work packages in the shell (walls, slabs, columns) between the floors allowed the team to easily identify the best ways of working and consciously repeat them as they climbed the tower. This created the basis for a steep learning curve.

Speaking of climbing: By using the CONTAKT sensors and Concremote, it was easy to calculate the early concrete strength, among other things. The hydraulically climbing protection screen Xclimb 60 with top 50 enclosure was thus able to continue climbing at exactly the right time, when the concrete strength of the props was reached.

In daily work, the paperless cycle planning on the 3D building model, the image documentation and the feedback on the construction status via app proved to be particularly helpful for the site manager. The required concrete cubature could thus be easily calculated. In cooperation with subcontractors, the printed cycle plan in the form of work orders was a great advantage for working together.


  • Project: The Marks – Tower Fashion Centre Street
  • Software:
CONTAKT build & hub
  • Project size: 178 WBI rental flats and 232 privately financed condominiums
  • Building type: Residential tower
  • Place: Vienna
  • Construction start: 28.09.2020
  • Floors: 35 floors
  • Number of sensors: 25 sensors online
  • Area to be produced: ~ 90.000m²
  • Rough-in time: 2020-2022
Rohbau eines Hochhauses ist ein Bauprojekt von STRABAG, bei dem CONTAKT build & hub eingesetzt werden

Project presentation The Marks at the SOLID BIM 2020 with Bmstr. Dipl. Ing. Walter Haberfellner (STRABAG AG)
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