Manage your construction site digitally with Sitelife construction management software.

Sitelife is a software solution designed for efficient, digital construction site management. Sitelife enables construction managers to plan, document and analyse all phases, installation steps and subcontractor work digitally, over the entire length of construction projects. Construction companies, architects, engineering firms and project developers all rely on Sitelife to help them plan, document and analyse their construction projects digitally, so that they have all the information they need at a glance.

Sitelife for

Construction companies

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  • Comprehensive overview of construction operations
  • Rapid construction site document creation
  • Effective coordination of all project stakeholders and procedures

Architects and engineers

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  • Digital construction management
  • Comprehensive overview of construction work
  • Transparent, real-time data

Property and project developers

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  • A digital cockpit for planning, documentation and analysis
  • A permanent overview of the current situation
  • A central coordination tool
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Sitelife – designed for construction companies. Coordinate your construction

Whether you’re a general contractor or a small construction firm, Sitelife helps you keep an eye on construction, compile documents quickly and improve coordination among all parties.

  • The integrated construction process planning function enables you to coordinate your own business and subcontractors
  • You can keep a digital record of daily productivity, construction steps and incidents arising on site using the software’s daily construction reports
    Additional work can be recorded simply and in a standardised format in the forced-account report
  • The integrated digital bill of quantities, where labour hours can be allocated to specific lines of the bill, enables a precise evaluation of productive hours
  • The streamlined BIM integration function links the construction process plans and production steps with the building information model, enabling you to optimise the planning of resources and project analysis
  • The analysis module provides a comparison of target vs. actual construction progress and manpower hours, as well as more in-depth analysis into other key construction-related indicators
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Sitelife – designed for architects and engineers. All the information you need at a glance!

Sitelife helps architects and engineers in charge of construction projects to keep track of the construction process. Instead of wading through mountains of email and various other sources of information, you have all the latest information transparently displayed in the same place.

  • The digital construction logbook allows you to keep a record of construction, including photographic records, mark-ups on plans and models, as well as associated comments
  • The centralised, digital approval process in Sitelife lets you check and approve daily construction reports in the app – in a matter of clicks
  • The construction progress of your entire project or of individual subcontractors can be tracked interactively using the building information model (BIM)
  • The construction process plan lets you coordinate the work of individual subcontractors while keeping an eye on all deadlines
  • The model viewer enables you to check different models and share these with other stakeholders for planning meetings
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Sitelife – designed for property developers and project developers. Keep up to date with project progress at all times!

Sitelife’s digital cockpit keeps you permanently up to date. Use Sitelife as the central coordination and communication tool for your projects!

  • All projects at a glance
  • BIM integration means that you can track construction progress on the model, without you having to be on site
  • You can keep track of assembly times and key milestones with our integrated construction process plan
  • The construction documentation feature and the central storage of all plan and model data is a reliable source of information in the case of a conflict
    The analysis module enables you to analyse construction progress, manpower hours and completed construction elements
  • The Analyse module enables you to carry out more in-depth analysis into other key construction-related indicators


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