The Sitelife PLANNING module: the software that makes light work of your construction site scheduling.

Carry out your construction site scheduling in Sitelife! This software provides you with all information at a glance – simply and efficiently.

  • Creating your construction process plan in Sitelife, or importing it from MS Project, Primavera or Power Project, allows you to update the plan easily and intuitively at any time, anywhere. If you need an export of the construction schedule, this is also possible with MS Project.
  • The online availability dof the schedule lets you modify the plan at any time, and see the effect of these modifications on overall project duration.
  • The unique feature that allows your model to be connected to the construction process plan provides you with a material forecast for every cycle. The automatic time and material calculation function allows you to quickly estimate the necessary resources. This enables you to respond to any staffing or material bottlenecks as soon as possible so that your project stays on schedule.

Software for your construction site scheduling , including material forecasts and construction process planning:

Receive a material forecast for every cycle, based on data from the building information model.

For example: Building shell constructors and asphalting specialists
Time frame: 15 days

  • 54 m³ of concrete needs to be built into the building shell every day.
  • 224 m² of waterproofing must be built in every day
    (1 person from each subcontractor).
  • Clearly presented processes.
  • You can see what tasks take place when and which tasks are dependent on others.

Get started with just a few clicks in Sitelife

Plan your construction process in Sitelife

The advantages of using Sitelife for your construction site scheduling:

  • a clearer overview of key dates and deadlines

  • instant access to the current project schedule and material consumption

  • greater precision in the coordination and control of each subcontractor

  • model-based construction process planning (time and material calculations based on the association between the model and construction process plan)

  • web-based scheduling and construction process planning

  • precise scheduling, optimised use of materials

  • quick recognition of delays

  • reduction in the number of missed deadlines

Efficient construction site scheduling for project managers, construction managers, foremen and construction departments within construction companies.

Illustration eines Hierarchie Struktur für die Nutzung der Baustellen-Terminplanung für Projektleiter

Project managers

Sitelife helps you complete the project on schedule, on budget and as planned!

  • Key project data and forthcoming deadlines enable you to proactively monitor the status of your projects with Sitelife.
  • The construction process plan is critical for keeping control of your project. Sitelife helps you coordinate all the different tasks in your projects.
  • Our construction process plan helps everyone involved in the project to understand their role so that delays and rework can be avoided.
Illustration eines Bauarbeiterhelms für die Nutzung der Baustellen-Terminplanung für Bauleiter und Polier

Construction managers and foremen

Sitelife significantly facilitates the planning process of your construction project: Plan and manage all phases of construction work with our user-friendly software:

  • Keep your eye on all key data at all times with Sitelife and keep all parties up to date!
  • A full overview of the construction schedule enables better coordination between the construction team, project manager and all other parties.
  • Simple synchronisation of all subcontractors: see which tasks are happening when and which are dependent on other tasks being completed.
  • Model data enables an early estimation of material needed.
Illustration dreier Personen für die Nutzung der Baustellen-Terminplanung für unterschiedliche Fachabteilungen

Construction departments

Sitelife ensures that your construction process planning is based on maximum efficiency and productivity in terms of planned resources and tasks.

  • Sitelife allows you to create your timeline using data from your building model.
  • Integration of the building information model means that you can generate material forecasts and resource estimates.
  • The sophisticated scheduling function enables you to data-driven costing estimates.

Scheduling your construction site with Sitelife:

The Planning module allows you to:

  • use the model to achieve an early estimation of material quantities needed
  • update and check your construction process plan – any time and anywhere
  • keep all parties involved informed, simply and quickly
  • avoid duplicate work with the construction process plan being online, rather than pinned to a noticeboard inside a portacabin on site
  • coordinate subcontractors easily
  • instantly see which tasks are happening when and which are dependent on other tasks being completed
  • complete construction to schedule.

More efficient, more comprehensive, more up to date: scheduling your construction site with Sitelife.

Keep your eye on key dates and deadlines at all times! Sitelife software enables you to carry out construction site scheduling easily and digitally. Data-based planning helps you to avoid delays and meat deadlines.

Features of the Sitelife Planning module at a glance:

  • Time and material calculations: work to be completed within a specific time frame
  • Forms a link between the model, subcontractors and the construction process plan
  • Import, create and amend construction process plans
  • Integrated coordination between construction manager and subcontractors
  • Model-based time and material calculation
Baustellen-Terminplanung zum effizienten Realisieren von Gebäuden


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