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What is Sitelife?2023-01-30T12:40:25+01:00

Sitelife is a construction site management software for digital construction documentation. The software supports site managers, foremen and project managers with the digital planning and documentation of construction projects. Subcontractors can been invited to take part on projects and are able to upload their own dedicated data. The software uses AI-based learning, establishing key indicators from the data and highlighting areas of potential optimisation. Findings can also be fed into future projects. Sitelife construction site and construction management software is a solution developed jointly by CONTAKT and b.i.m.m.

Who is Sitelife for?2023-01-30T12:42:44+01:00

Sitelife has been developed for people who manage construction sites. Digital site planning and control, as well as construction documentation and data analysis, can be carried out by foremen, site managers or project managers, whether they are working for the general contractor or a subcontractor. However, the owner, planner, project supervisor, BIM manager or the local construction supervisor can also be involved in the use of Sitelife to ensure a continuous flow of information.

What is the added value of Sitelife?2023-01-30T12:54:17+01:00

Sitelife enables the planning, documentation and analysis of construction projects to be carried out seamlessly and continuously, including all the different subcontractors – from project planning, through to implementation and completion. The combination of information-led construction site planning and control with digital construction documentation enables comprehensive analysis and data-based decisions. Digital construction site planning and control supports the coordination of all parties involved in the construction process and leads to an improved construction workflow. Digital construction documentation facilitates the efficient recording of structured construction site information. All information is stored in one place and data does not have to be entered twice. With the help of search functions and export options, the information is easy to find and ready to hand – for example, for the analysis of hours or additional cost claims. Sitelife works most effectively when a building information model (BIM) is used on site.

What do I need to use Sitelife?2023-05-02T16:16:16+02:00

For Sitelife you will need:

  • a PC, laptop or tablet
  • an internet connection and web browser (we recommend Chrome or Edge)
  • an email address

Sitelife works best with the following construction project files:

  • a Building Information Model (BIM) as a Revit file or in IFC format
  • plans in PDF format
I want to use Sitelife – what are the first steps?2023-04-25T12:28:03+02:00

Sitelife is ready for you immediately:

  1. Register with Sitelife by entering a valid email address and password. Once you’ve registered, you can start using Sitelife and test the software for free.
  2. Sitelife immediately lets you start planning and controlling the construction site and tracking construction progress. You can upload plans, building information models (BIM) and other documents straight away and enter key information such as the address of the project.

You can also invite other people involved in the project to Sitelife and manage access rights. The Sitelife team remains at your disposal if you need assistance.  Contact us at support@sitelife.com

I do not use BIM – can I still use Sitelife?2023-01-30T12:44:07+01:00

Yes, Sitelife can be used without a building information model (BIM), in which case, PDF plans can be used. However, to gain the most out of Sitelife, we recommend using a building information model in a Revit or IFC format. This provides orientation and valuable information on the construction site.

Can I test Sitelife?2023-01-30T12:39:23+01:00

Yes, you can start using Sitelife with a 30-day free trial. Once you have registered online, you have access to a 30-day free trial that lets you test the full range of Sitelife’s features for free.  https://app.sitelife.com/sign-up

Which languages are available in Sitelife?2022-09-26T10:13:38+02:00

Sitelife is currently available in German and English. Additional languages are planned as part of future market entries.

How can I integrate Sitelife into my corporate infrastructure?2023-01-30T12:52:15+01:00

Sitelife currently offers the following options by default:

  • Direct import of Revit files via plug-in
  • Direct upload of IFC files and PDF plans
  • Data export in Excel or CSV format
  • Connection to BAU-SU

To ensure integrated information across all systems, Sitelife has been developed to integrate seamlessly with different systems via an API interface. If you are interested in this benefit, please contact us and tell us more about your specific requirements.

How secure is Sitelife and what happens to my data?2023-01-30T12:45:06+01:00

The collected data belongs to our customers. We are GDPR-compliant contract data processors. In other words, we ensure full data security through state-of-the-art security technologies and use of the largest cloud providers. In addition, we commission white hackers to check for security gaps so that we can continuously improve our standard of security. Data is stored exclusively in European data centres. Regular back-ups guarantee that data cannot be lost. We will be happy to answer any further questions on the subject of data security. Please use our contact form for this purpose. GDPR conformity is also ensured in our terms and conditions.

Who is behind Sitelife?2023-01-30T13:06:47+01:00

Sitelife has been developed jointly by b.i.m.m GmbH and CONTAKT GmbH, with the support of AGA-BAU and the Umdasch Group. This combines several decades of experience in the planning, execution, support and digitalisation of construction projects with specialised expertise in software development for the construction industry. At Sitelife, we believe in building sustainable relationships based on transparency, excellence and innovation.

What differentiates Sitelife from other construction site software providers?2023-01-30T13:21:03+01:00

Sitelife differentiates itself from other construction site software providers by combining information-supported construction site planning and control with digital construction site documentation, thus enabling data-based decisions. Planning, documenting and analysing the construction site thus takes place in a single software. Sitelife allows continuous information, is easy to use and can be supplemented by the Building Information Model (BIM). Site planning & control is based on effective project management principles. Digital construction documentation is carried out in accordance with standards. The data collected from this enables a wide range of analyses.

Are any Sitelife video tutorials available?2023-01-30T14:25:09+01:00

Yes, you can find it on our CONTAKT YouTube Channel.

Is there a way to register and pay online, or do I need to contact the sales department?2023-01-30T14:28:47+01:00

A sign up for Sitelife is possible online. Registration starts our 30-day free trial in which you can test Sitelife with all its features for free. Within this timeframe, you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives. There is no possibility of online payment.

How many projects can I have in Sitelife?2023-01-30T14:31:23+01:00

You can enter an unlimited number of projects in Sitelife. Please note that our pricing is based on the number of projects per month.

Can I submit my ideas for further development?2023-01-30T14:35:50+01:00

We love receiving new ideas that will help enhance Sitelife in the future. Please feel free to submit your ideas to our Help Centre.

In which countries/languages is Sitelife available?2023-01-30T14:37:44+01:00

Sitelife is available as a web platform anywhere in the world, providing there is an internet connection. Sitelife is currently available in German and English. Additional languages are planned as Sitelife expands to other international markets.

Does Sitelife offer customer support or documentation?2023-01-30T14:51:14+01:00

Our Help Centre is there to provide customers with the best possible support with Sitelife: https://help.sitelife.com/en. You can access it from the Sitelife application by clicking on the question mark in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The Help Centre is a source of all necessary information for you to use Sitelife, and also offers a means of contacting us quickly and easily. During business hours, you can reach us very quickly by using our chat in the bottom right-hand corner of the Help Centre screen or by emailing us at support@sitelife.com. You can also send us screenshots via the contact form, which is available at https://help.sitelife.com/en/contact-us

If I don´t have a construction schedule, can I create one in Sitelife?2023-01-30T14:49:54+01:00

Yes, you can create and edit a construction schedule directly in Sitelife, using the construction process module.

Can I import a construction schedule into Sitelife? If yes, from which specialised software can I import it?2023-01-30T14:53:40+01:00

Yes, you can import your existing construction site schedule and continue to edit it. Sitelife is currently compatible with Microsoft Project, Primavera and Power Project.

Can I create a bill of quantities in Sitelife, or import one?2023-01-30T16:53:28+01:00

Yes, you can either import a bill of quantities as an ONLV file or create your own bill of quantities in Sitelife.

Is there any quality control/safety control function for the daily reports? If so, how does it work?2023-04-25T12:29:21+02:00

You can find the answer to this question in our Help Centre: https://help.sitelife.com/en/the-role-of-the-control-bodies

Are my daily reports in a standard format or can I customise them?2023-05-24T09:56:56+02:00

Sitelife’s digital daily construction reports are customisable in Settings. This includes weather, attendance, productive hours, equipment, items, comments, images and inspection points. In addition, construction reports can be created with your company logo and individual legal notices can be added. We have summarised information about the different settings in our Help Centre.

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