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What is Sitelife?2022-09-26T09:53:24+02:00

Sitelife is the construction site software. It enables you to digitally plan, track and analyse your construction projects on a central web platform with simple, self-explanatory operation. A decisive lever for optimising your construction site: the smart use of and interaction with BIM (Building Information Modelling) as well as the use of PDF plans and lean construction methods. In addition, with Sitelife you can digitally manage and track your construction site from excavation to finalisation.

The subsections Track and Analysis Basic are already available to you – test them now for free!

Who is Sitelife for?2022-09-26T09:56:04+02:00

Sitelife is a software for all construction site managers. Digital construction tracking and data analysis can be carried out by foremen, site managers or project managers – whether general contractors or subcontractors. Owners, planners, project managers, BIM managers or the local construction supervision can be integrated in the system.

What are the advantages at a glance?2022-09-26T10:00:23+02:00
  • Seamless tracking and analysis of construction projects across all trades – from site execution to site completion. Planning module > Coming soon!
  • Comprehensive analyses and data-based decisions
  • Support for the efficient collection of structured construction site information
  • Single source of truth – all information is in one place and data does not have to be entered twice.
  • Time saving through search function and export option (e.g. hourly evaluations, additional cost claims, …)
  • Individual use through integration of BIM or PDF plans
What do I need to use Sitelife?2022-09-26T10:05:49+02:00
  • PC, laptop or tablet
  • Internet connection & web browser
  • Email address
  • Project documents (e.g. PDF, IFC, RVT)
I want to use Sitelife – what are the first steps?2022-09-26T10:08:03+02:00

I want to use Sitelife – what are the first steps?

  1. Register by entering a valid email address and password. After registering, you can start and test Sitelife free of charge for 30 days.
  2. In Sitelife you can immediately start with the construction tracking. To do this, you can upload plans and building information models (BIM) and enter existing information such as the address of the project.
  3. If you want, you can invite other project participants and manage permissions.
I do not use BIM – can I still use Sitelife?2022-09-26T10:09:24+02:00

Yes, Sitelife can be used without a Building Information Model (BIM). PDF plans can be used in addition. If a building data model is available in Revit or IFC format, all the better. This offers orientation, provides valuable information for the construction site and enables the optimal use of Sitelife.

Can I test Sitelife?2022-09-26T10:12:10+02:00

Yes, the use of Sitelife starts with a 30-day free trial period – test them now for free!
Do you want to test Sitelife already now and actively participate in the development? Become a beta tester.

Which languages are available in Sitelife?2022-09-26T10:13:38+02:00

Sitelife is currently available in German and English. Additional languages are planned as part of future market entries.

How can I integrate Sitelife into my corporate infrastructure?2022-09-26T10:17:44+02:00

Sitelife currently offers the following options by default:

  • Direct import of Revit files via plug-in (download here)
  • Direct upload of Revit and IFC files & PDF plans
  • Data export in Excel or CSV format
  • Interface to BAU-SU

In terms of continuous information, Sitelife is developed to allow interaction with different systems via an API interface. If you are interested, please contact us and tell us more about your use case. Contact us now

How secure is Sitelife and what happens to my data?2022-09-26T10:19:29+02:00

The data collected belongs to our customers. We are DSGVO-compliant commissioned data processors. In doing so, we value full data security through state-of-the-art security technologies with the largest cloud providers. In addition, we regularly have our infrastructure checked by experts for security and compliance with industry standards in order to continuously improve. Data is stored exclusively in European data centres. Regular backups guarantee that data cannot be lost. We will be happy to answer further questions on the subject of data security. Contact us.

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