Sitelife: construction site and construction management software for maximum efficiency on construction projects

The world is undergoing transformation and the construction industry is no exception. Rising pressure on pricing, the growing complexity of customer specifications, supplier and operational bottlenecks and increasingly challenging delivery deadlines all make it harder for construction managers to ensure that projects run smoothly. Digitalising construction sites is a critical lever for ensuring that construction projects run both efficiently and on time.

Sitelife, the innovative construction site and construction management software is a one-stop solution that enables the digital planning, tracking and analysis of all phases of your construction project – from the initial planning to the final handover – as well as all associated subcontractor work. Sitelife gives you a clear overview of day-to-day operations on site.

From professionals for professionals: The Sitelife construction site software was developed in joint development with the construction consultancy b.i.m.m GmbH.

Mit der Baustellen- und Baumanagement-Software kann das Bauvorhaben geplant, dokumentiert und analysiert werden

Experiences of our customers.

Logo von Kunde Tecklenburg GmbH, welcher digitales Baumanagement nutzt

Through Sitelife, I also have my subcontractors under control on a common platform. All daily construction reports are stored in a central place with a uniform look, and you can filter and search for everything. This gives me an overview of total contractor projects as well.

Manjunath Ambli-Suresh, Dipl.-Ing. BIM Manager, M.Sc., Head of BIM Department, Tecklenburg GmbH
Logo der BODNER Gruppe, einem Kunden des digitalen Baumanagements

Sitelife helps to represent complex issues through a visual 3D model. You can track the construction progress directly on the model and thus collect countless data about the construction site. This gives you the opportunity to make forecasts for the future in good time and to verify them continuously

Christian Kirchner, Business Unit Manager GU, Technical Real Estate Development, BODNER Gruppe
Logo der Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH, einem Kunden des digitalen Baumanagements

Sitelife offers us the possibility to integrate the construction site into our BIM process. Since we already create the tender based on the model, we can also generate the partial invoices and the final invoice with the model-related quantities. For both the construction company and us as the ÖBA, this increases the accuracy of the quantities without any loss of time.

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Thomas Lorenz, Managing Partner, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH
Logo der Rieder Bau GmbH & Co KG, einem Kunden des digitalen Baumanagements

With Sitelife, we have the option of additionally displaying the 2D plans in 3D. This means that the foreman can pull out and take a closer look at tricky corner situations for formwork preparation. This makes it possible to place the formwork elements more efficiently and in a way that is gentle on the material.

Anton Rieder, Managing Partner, Rieder Bau GmbH & Co KG

Sitelife construction site and construction management software: your digital construction site cockpit.

Sitelife, the construction site and construction management software simplifies processes and stores construction data centrally so that it can be accessed easily.

  • A fully integrated digital construction site management system in a single software solution
  • Simple, clear presentation of complicated construction processes
  • Time-saving construction documents (in compliance with ÖNORM B2110 and HOAI 2021)
  • Intuitive use, no previous experience required
  • Advanced function: BIM (building information modelling) integration
Baustellen- und Baumanagement-Software für Poliere, Bauleiter und Projektleiter

Digitalise your construction site with our innovative construction site and construction management software!

Sitelife enables you to plan, track and analyse your construction projects simply and digitally, using a central, intuitive online platform.

A strategic lever for optimising your construction site:

  • smart application of BIM (building information modelling)
  • seamless integration with BIM systems
  • use of PDF plans
Planen, Dokumentieren und Analysieren mit der Baustellen- und Baumanagement-Software

Sitelife construction site and construction management software brings you the following benefits:

  • straightforward synchronisation of all subcontractors

  • Effective planning of resources

  • prevention of bottlenecks and troughs

  • comprehensive overview of the construction progress, any time

  • digital construction site planning and tracking, enabling the optimisation of your construction processes

  • efficient running and tracking of your construction sites – from the foundations to final handover

  • overview of all important deadlines

Grafik für digitales Baumanagement zur Modernisierung von Gebäuden




Planning, tracking and analysis with Sitelife construction site and construction management software

Sitelife, the innovative construction site and construction management software, enables you to digitally PLAN, TRACK and ANALYSE your construction projects.
Based on the internationally reputed PDCA method (plan, do, check, act), Sitelife’s successful approach breaks down the construction process into planning, tracking and analysis.
Now you can optimise and digitalise your construction, civil engineering and infrastructure projects with our construction site and construction management software!

Sitelife: the construction site and construction management software covering all building construction phases and subcontractor work.

Sitelife is a smart construction site and construction management software programme for digitally recording construction site tracking, including all necessary construction reports. The software supports site managers, foremen and project managers with the digital planning and tracking of construction projects. Subcontractors that have been invited to take part in the project can enter their own data using their dedicated login. The software uses AI-based learning, establishing key indicators from the data and highlighting areas of potential optimisation. Findings can also be fed into future projects. Sitelife construction site and construction management software is a solution developed jointly by CONTAKT and b.i.m.m.

Sitelife can be used to manage construction sites in the fields of:

Illustration eines Hochhauses für die Nutzung der Baustellen- und-Baumanagement-Software für den Hochbau


Illustration eines Tunnels für die Nutzung der Baustellen- und-Baumanagement-Software für den Tiefbau

civil engineering

Illustration einer kurvigen Straße für die Nutzung der Baustellen- und-Baumanagement-Software für die Verkehrsinfrastruktur

transport infrastructure

Illustration eines Windrads für die Nutzung der Baustellen- und-Baumanagement-Software für die Versorgungsinfrastruktur

utilities infrastructure


Sitelife gives you a full overview of your construction sites :

Illustration eines Ablaufplans für die Planungsfunktion der Baustellen- und-Baumanagement-Software


  • Estimated resources: planned material for each subcontractor, task and day
  • Building model elements connected with the construction schedule
Illustration zweier Dokumente für die Dokumentationsfunktion der Baustellen- und-Baumanagement-Software


  • Digital construction logbook
  • Record tasks completed against individual specifications
  • Record day-by-day progress on the BIM building model
  • Keep a record of attendance, equipment used, comments and images
  • Inspection and approval function for the site supervisor or internal checks
  • Separate recording of force-account work and compilation of corresponding reports
  • Import of specifications (.onlv, .gaeb)
  • Locking feature to ensure data security
  • Insertion of mark-ups on PDF plans or building model
  • Management of daily construction reports for each subcontractor – individually or collectively, in a single frame
  • Automatic entry of weather data
  • Compilation of PDF reports
Illustration eines Diagramms für die Analysefunktion der Baustellen- und-Baumanagement-Software


  • Comparison between target/actual hours, by building section and individual specifications
  • Hour-by-hour construction site progress
  • Status of each BIM element by time and subcontractor
  • Comparison between target/actual material, based on BIM data
  • Hours of machine operation, by machine and subcontractor

General Features

  • Stand-alone solution to manage organisations, projects, subcontractors, plans and building models
  • Access rights for subcontractors, allowing them to monitor, create documents and write reports
  • Automatic assignment of user rights
  • Free BIM demonstration project for every user
  • Weather forecast for the construction site
  • Self-signup


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