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The construction site of the future is digital.
We accompany our customers in this process in every phase of the construction project – from construction planning to execution.

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With Sitelife, we have the option of additionally displaying the 2D plans in 3D. This means that the foreman can pull out and take a closer look at tricky corner situations for formwork preparation. This makes it possible to place the formwork elements more efficiently and in a way that is gentle on the material.

Anton Rieder, Managing Partner, Rieder Bau GmbH & Co KG
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Sitelife offers us the possibility to integrate the construction site into our BIM process. Since we already create the tender based on the model, we can also generate the partial invoices and the final invoice with the model-related quantities. For both the construction company and us as the ÖBA, this increases the accuracy of the quantities without any loss of time.

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Thomas Lorenz, Managing Partner, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH
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Through Sitelife, I also have my subcontractors under control on a common platform. All daily construction reports are stored in a central place with a uniform look, and you can filter and search for everything. This gives me an overview of total contractor projects as well.

Manjunath Ambli-Suresh, Dipl.-Ing. BIM Manager, M.Sc., Head of BIM Department, Tecklenburg GmbH
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Sitelife helps to represent complex issues through a visual 3D model. You can track the construction progress directly on the model and thus collect countless data about the construction site. This gives you the opportunity to make forecasts for the future in good time and to verify them continuously

Christian Kirchner, Business Unit Manager GU, Technical Real Estate Development, BODNER Gruppe

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