Sitelife in Use.

The construction site of the future is digital.
We accompany our customers in this process in every phase of the construction project – from construction planning to execution.

That’s why our customers trust Sitelife.

Logo der Rieder Bau GmbH & Co KG, einem Kunden des digitalen Baumanagements

Sitelife is also able to present our 2D plans in 3D. This allows the foreman to enlarge tricky corners so that he can examine them more closely. As a result, the formwork can be positioned more efficiently, which saves on material.

Anton Rieder, Managing Partner, Rieder Bau GmbH & Co KG
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Sitelife also allows me to keep track of all my subcontractors – on a shared platform. The daily construction reports are all stored centrally and benefit from a standardised format. You can filter and search for anything, which means I can also keep my eye on general contractor projects, too.

Manjunath Ambli-Suresh, Dipl.-Ing. BIM Manager, M.Sc., Head of BIM Department, Tecklenburg GmbH

For me, the photo documentation and the automatic weather entries are the most practical things about Sitelife. I do it right on the construction site and save myself from having to make entries in the evening.

Logo der Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH, einem Kunden des digitalen Baumanagements

Sitelife also gives us the opportunity to integrate the construction site in our BIM process. Because we already have a model-based tendering system, we can now use quantity data from the model to generate interim invoices and the final invoice. Both the construction company and the site supervisor have access to more precise quantity data, without it costing any more time.

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Thomas Lorenz, Managing Partner, Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH
Logo der BODNER Gruppe, einem Kunden des digitalen Baumanagements

Sitelife helps to present complex problems clearly using a visual 3D model. Construction progress can be recorded directly on the model, which allows us to gather endless amounts of data from the construction site. This allows us to prepare predictions for the future and continually verify whether these are still applicable.

Christian Kirchner, Business Unit Manager GU, Technical Real Estate Development, BODNER Gruppe

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