The Sitelife TRACK module: including a digital construction logbook.

Keep a record of your construction-related data with Sitelife! The Documentation module of this software provides a digital construction logbook to record all activities and incidents on the construction site. This allows you to record the progress of your construction quickly and efficiently.

  • Reduce the time you spend on paperwork: Sitelife lets you keep a record of all construction projects in a central location, directly integrated with the building information model.
  • Construction site activities can be linked directly to the building information model , modified and managed.
  • Centrally stored planning data allows you to share diagrams, drawings and drafts with others so that you can rest assured that everyone is working with the latest information.

Comprehensive construction documentation module including a digital construction logbook for construction managers and foremen.


Illustration eines Papiers mit Stift für eine effiziente Dokumentation mit dem digitalen Bautagebuch

Efficient documentation

Take the hard work out of the foreman’s paperwork!

  • The Documentation module is a digital solution designed for construction managersand replaces paper-based construction documents
  • You can keep a digital record of daily productivity, construction steps and incidents arising on site using the software’s digital daily construction reports.
  • Current information on construction progress is stored transparently in the one location, without the need for paper.
Illustration eines Laptops und Diagrammen als Schnittstelle für den optimalen Überblick mit dem digitalen Bautagebuch

Optimal overview

Work quicker – and better: Sitelife helps you manage and document your construction sites simply.

  • Simplifies construction manager’s work and improves efficiency: Sitelife provides a better overview of all construction project phases – from beginning to end..
  • This module optimises safety and efficiency on the construction site and compiles reliable records of construction progress, accessible by all parties.
Illustration eines Laptops als mögliches Endgerät für das digitale Bautagebuch

Digital construction logbook

Construction managers can track and document the progress of the entire construction project or of individual subcontractors interactively using the business information model.

  • This module includes an interactive digital construction logbook that allows you to optimise the tracking, management and documentation of your projects.
  • It enables you to monitor the progress of the entire construction project or of individual subcontractors interactively using the business information model.
  • Daily construction reports save you both time and money, while also providing evidence in the event of a conflict.
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The advantages of Sitelife’s Documentation module:

  • Quick solution for completing construction documentation

  • All data stored in the same place

  • Integrated digital construction logbook

  • Time saving due to optimised, digital authorisation processes with integrated construction surveillance

  • Seamless recording of construction-related data

  • A logical, standard process for all parties involved in the project

Sitelife’s digital construction logbook and force-account records.

Digital construction logbook

  • You can keep a digital record of daily productivity, construction steps and incidents arising on site using the software’s digital construction logbook (ONLV, GAEB)
  • You also benefit from the model-based records of work completed, as well as the possibility to assign work completed to an item in the bill of quantities and to BAS numbers, even if you are not using a building information model.
  • The construction documentation complies with regulation HOAI 2021 and the standard ÖNORM B 2110.
  • Unique feature: Sitelife’s digital construction logbook means that all data is stored in one software tool. The data is therefore readily accessible by Sitelife’s Analysis module for further processing
  • Advanced function: interaction with the building information model (BIM).
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Highlights of the digital construction logbook:

  • Documentation of work performed and machinery used on the construction site
  • Time savings due to an optimised, digital authorisation processes involving the site supervisor.
  • Simple integration of all parties involved in construction, enabling them to view the necessary data
  • Possible link to the bill of quantities
  • Inspection function for external partners (e.g. contractor)
Regiebericht als Bestandteil des digitalen Bautagebuchs mit Auflistung der Regiearbeiten dargestellt auf einem iPad

Direction work for the digital recording of additional services:

  • Force-account work can be recorded in a standard format (any additional work carried out, plus extra material) in the force-account work report.
  • You are able to record who worked on any force-account work, when and for how long.
  • Force-account work reports can be compiled within a matter of minutes.

Highlights of force-account work reports:

  • Force-account work can be linked to the bill of quantities and invoicing

  • Time savings due to optimised, digital authorisation processes that also involve the site supervisor

The Sitelife construction diary explains…

Construction diary – why use an online version, rather than the usual paper one?

Sitelife Construction Site Diary

Sitelife Construction Site Diary – Bill of Quantities

Quick, accurate, reliable: keeping a written track of your construction site using the digital construction logbook.

Digitalise your construction site reports and ensure that you have reliable records in the event of any incidents or defects. The digital construction logbook in Sitelife is a reliable and efficient way to record all necessary information about your construction site.

Features of the Sitelife Documentation module:

  • Linked to the bill of quantities and invoicing (ONLV, GAEB)

  • Search and filter functions facilitate the inter-module accessibility of data
  • Automatic entry of weather data (u.a. German Weather Service)

  • Locking function to guarantee data security
  • Clearly defined user structure and rights for project managers
  • Quick and simple authorisation process
  • Documentation of work performed and machinery used on the construction site
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