The Sitelife ANALYSIS module: software designed for the optimisation of your construction processes.

Sitelife’s Analysis module analyses construction site data to help you identify the optimisation potential of your construction processes. You automatically receive real-time analysis data regarding your construction projects – at the touch of a button!

The Analysis module allows you to evaluate:

  • construction progress, using target vs. actual comparison,
  • construction elements completed. and,
  • manpower hours,

in real time!

More features:

  • The automatic presentation of meaningful data in diagrams allows you to recognise opportunities and potential at a glance.
  • Our analysis tool helps you to make logical, data-driven decisions and pinpoint any sources of error in the construction process.
  • Sources of error can be resolved by implementing the necessary corrective measures, in order to ensure the success of your project.
  • Results from your analyses provide key information for optimising your construction processes.

How project managers, construction managers, foremen and construction departments can benefit from Sitelife for the optimisation of their construction processes.

Illustration eines Hierarchie Struktur für die Nutzung der Baustellen-Terminplanung für Projektleiter

Project Manager

Whether you are managing just the one construction project or several, the real-time data of construction progress, analysis of hours and target vs actual comparisons, you have all the latest data at your fingertips – without the need to go on site.

Illustration eines Bauarbeiterhelms für die Nutzung der Baustellen-Terminplanung für Bauleiter und Polier

Construction Manager and Foreman

Our analysis tool helps construction managers and foremen quickly recognise problems as they arise, pinpoint the causes and rapidly implement corrective action by adapting the construction process accordingly.

Illustration dreier Personen für die Nutzung der Baustellen-Terminplanung für unterschiedliche Fachabteilungen

Specialized Departments in Construction Companies

Departments within construction companies can use analyses from current or completed projects as a solid basis for decision-making. They can also view and process data in order to monitor construction progress. Use analysis findings to estimate timing, costs and resources needed for future projects.

Analysis of construction site data with Sitelife…

Better data for better decisions.
How does this work with Sitelife?

Analyses in Sitelife

How do we visualize your building information model in our software?

The advantages of Sitelife’s Analysis module:

Optimisation of construction processes, applicable both to current and future projects:

  • Sitelife’s Analysis module reveals the hidden potential of your construction site.

  • Effective tool for the analysis, optimisation and control of your construction site.

  • Early recognition of necessary corrective measures

React rapidly – based on real-time data:

  • Identify and locate potential bottlenecks in the construction processes

  • Use of field data to optimise construction processes

  • Meaningful data facilitates decision-making

Data-driven, logical decisions:

  • Presentation and analysis of construction process data.

  • Digital analysis and optimisation of field data for making quicker, better-informed decisions

  • Data-driven, logical decisions

Meaningful, effective and up to date: Optimise your project using construction process analysis!

Optimise your construction processes with Sitelife! The software provides meaningful data, allowing you to make informed decisions to ensure the optimisation of your construction processes.

Features of the Sitelife Analysis module:

  • Data automatically presented as KPIs and diagrams
  • Real-time status of construction progress
  • Interactive construction-related data analysis
  • Target vs. actual comparisons
  • Evaluation of hours
Livebild der Baustelle mit Krahn und ist Zustand des Gebäudes zur Bauprozess Optimierung


You can find further details about Sitelife’s Analysis module and how it enables the optimisation of construction processes in our latest flyer.

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