Consistent information – What is the advantage of involving the client, site supervisors and planners?

Björn Springer, Construction Management Consultant (CONTAKT GmbH)
“Well, Sitelife not only facilitates collaboration within one single construction company, but also between different companies, like the general contractor and its subcontractors. However, there’s more to it than that, because Sitelife also integrates the client and his representative on the construction site, the site supervisor, into the construction process. Thanks to predefined approval processes, construction documents such as daily construction reports or additional services reports can be reviewed, commented and approved. Engineering consultants can also create automated construction diaries in just a few mouse clicks. Additionally, construction plans can also be integrated directly into the Sitelife system.

Sitelife has a planning data section for uploading plans, models and documents. Via the integrated authorisation system, this data can be made available to all those who need it.

All this has many advantages: less paperwork, no email chaos, no confusing information channels and no complicated decision paths. Instead, it provides up-to-date, transparent information in one place, which results in better interaction between all construction parties.”

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