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This page provides information about new releases, amendments and plug-ins for our software, Sitelife. We keep you informed about our updates here. You also have the opportunity to contribute towards the future features and design of Sitelife. Our short survey is your chance to tell us what you would like us to focus on for future releases.

Current version: Release 2.5.0

Share your digital construction schedule with everyone on your construction site – quickly and simply! Our brand-new Construction Process module allows you to:

  • assign individual processes in the construction schedule to specific subcontractors.
  • link your construction schedule to your building information model quickly and easily.
  • compile a model-based resource forecast in a matter of clicks.

Evaluate data from your construction site more comprehensively and accurately, thanks to our enhanced analysis functions. For example, you can:

  • keep easy track of labour hours and equipment used.
  • effortlessly perform detailed target vs. actual comparisons of hours worked.

Previous updates

Release date: October 2022

With this release, the stability of the entire software has been improved so that it works even more reliably for you.

Release date: October 2022

  • Invite members of your organisation and teams to Sitelife and assign roles in a user-friendly view.
  • Make even more project settings in a newly designed and more clearly structured view. This saves your site team time and nerves in their daily work.

Release date: August 2022

New features/content. With this latest release, you can now:

  • optimise the use of your building information model as a central reference. Click on hyperlinks in the model features.
  • complete your daily site documentation even quicker. We’ve also:
    • reduced the loading time of the building information model – it’s now 10 times faster!
    • improved the calendar functions to make it even easier to compile your daily construction report.

Release date: July 2022

This release allows you to:                       

  • explore the features of Sitelife in the English demo project, access to which can easily be arranged via our support team.
  • combine the individual entries for labour and machinery used into hourly subtotals so that you have all key figures at a glance.
  • use the simple search tool to find information on how to use the software in both German and English.
  • easily identify any problematic file names when uploading models.

Release date: May 2022

This release allows you to:

  • enter and retrieve information quicker and easier, thanks to Sitelife’s new design.
  • become quickly familiar with Sitelife by simply registering online and exploring the instantly accessible demo projects, complete with real site data.
  • find immediate answers to your questions about the software using the live chat. Our support team is always happy to help solve your problems!
  • benefit from 2 automatically produced analyses, giving you instant information on the progress and status of your project:
    • construction progress, based on a comparison of target and actual manpower hours.
    • evaluation of elements incorporated in the building to provide detailed analysis of the construction process

We’ve already started working on new features! You’ll soon be able to:

  • Import an existing bill of quantities more easily. Future releases will also support GAEB files.
  • Supplement your daily construction reports with accurate, legally reliable weather data in just a matter of clicks. Data is provided by the local weather service, which retrieves its data from the nearest weather station.

Your vote counts! Tell us what features you want!

We’re already contemplating new features that will help you overcome the day-to-day challenges of the construction industry. We’d like to hear from you! What features would be particularly beneficial for you? Submit your vote and you’ll be playing an important, pro-active role in driving Sitelife forwards!

Have you got any other ideas that you’d like to discuss with the product team? If so, simply arrange an appointment with one of our specialists. We look forward to hearing your expert ideas!

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