Construction project management software & app for your concrete building projects.

Keep construction records and manage your site digitally with CONTAKT build & hub! The smart construction project management software & app is a unique combination of software and IoT sensor technology that maps the planning and construction process of your building shell. CONTAKT build & hub provides you with real-time construction site data and all key information about your concrete building projects. Simple to operate on a tablet, smartphone or PC, the construction project management software & app offers 24/7 support for planning, measuring and optimising the shell construction process.

Illustration der Steuerung und Dokumentation der Baustelle mit der Bauprojektmanagement Software & App

CONTAKT build & hub: the construction project management software & app that helps you plan, measure and optimise your concrete building projects.

The construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub comprises two innovative software solutions: CONTAKT build and CONTAKT hub. The two solutions combine to create a smart system for managing digital construction sites. Whether you want to plan, measure or optimise, our construction project management software & app is the simple, modern solution for bringing your construction sites onto a brand-new level.

Two solutions, one system: Build & Hub in a single construction project management software programme & app.

Gone are the days of chaotic piles of paper and construction data that is long out of date. CONTAKT build lets you plan your team’s tasks proactively and record real-time field data for your shell construction site.

Sensors attached to the formwork play a key role in this by recording changes in parameters such as position, location or concrete temperature. This data is continuously updated and transmitted to the system. Sensor data, together with the data you enter in the app, provides you with valuable insights for analysing work carried out on site. This information can help you determine the earliest opportunity for stripping the formwork, for example.


CONTAKT build: the lean app and software programme that keeps track of construction progress.

CONTAKT hub makes sure you keep track of your construction projects. This innovative software brings you brand-new data about the CIP concrete process on your site – data that was previously untapped, yet is key in revealing sources of error and potential for optimisation. This valuable data supports decision-making and helps you to improve processes. The software solution keeps all key stakeholders in the picture, which saves you precious time due to the need for fewer briefings.

CONTAKT hub combines planning with the construction phase and is based exclusively on lean principles. The software is simple to use, without the need for extensive training. The intuitive methodology, which includes the phases of planning, measuring and continual improvement, results in the construction of a building shell based on the best practices of lean.


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Use our construction project management software & app for the planning, analysis and execution of your projects.

Once the construction project has been launched, the construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub starts to continually collect data. The app can then be used for the following:

  • Schedule planning using CONTAKT build
    Schedule planning is carried out in CONTAKT build. The tasks generated are instantly communicated to the team via the app.
  • Decision-making based on sensor data
    The innovative sensor continually transmits data regarding formwork usage, as well as measuring temperature and calculating the strength of concrete.
  • Monitoring all key data at a glance
    Finally, all the data from CONTAKT build, the app and sensors are consolidated in CONTAKT hub.
Anzeige der Taktplanung mit markiertem Grundriss in der Bauprojektmanagement Software & App auf dem iPhone

Increase construction efficiency with the construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub! 

Digital construction site management

The construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub was developed to digitalise, simplify and rationalise your construction site processes.

With an optimum combination of sensors, software, platform and app, our construction project management software & app enables you to employ a best-practice workflow to complete your construction project and apply lean construction principles to the erection of your building shell.

Management and monitoring production

While shell completion primarily involves the coordination of subcontractors using the Last Planner® system, the construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub focuses on synchronising the production of CIP concrete and (semi)-precast concrete elements. The software solution integrates our expertise in the formwork field and the potential of BIM (building information modelling).

Both the planning from CONTAKT build and the app and sensor data can be displayed in CONTAKT hub. The fact that this data can be displayed and compared reveals potential areas where the construction site process can be optimised.

Optimisation with lean construction

Lean construction involves subcontractors carrying out their tasks at the right time and working through the building at a steady rate. The building model provides initial information concerning the amount of work that is involved. The initial plans are continually optimised using the construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub, enabling these to be broken down into clearly defined tasks.

  • The better these tasks can be visualised, the easier it is for them to be defined and executed.
  • Regular, repetitive tasks harbour the potential of continual optimisation.
  • In other words, CONTAKT build & hub is the interface between top-down work scheduling and bottom-up impulse for optimisation measures.

CONTAKT build: A solution for digital schedule planning, team management and much more.

The perfect planning tool:

CONTAKT build supports you throughout the entire concrete building process. The digital schedule planning is underpinned by data delivered from the 3D building model. The tool also enables you to keep track of resource management. You benefit from a clear overview of labour and material, which enables you to schedule work for a whole week in just a matter of minutes. The tool also calculates the necessary quantities of concrete to pre-order. What’s more, you can monitor and track construction progress using the software and app at any time, from anywhere.

Key benefit: significant reduction in workload

  • Automatic volume calculations (e.g. concrete and formwork volumes)

  • Construction site records

  • Real-time overview of construction progress at any time of day and night

The practical daily briefing tool:

The plans form the basis for the next step – the daily briefing. This is where specific tasks are allocated to the different teams, who are also informed of the quantity of concrete to be poured and when it will be poured. The daily briefing also informs the team of the targets that they need to reach during the day. CONTAKT build plays a vital role in supporting these communication processes.

Key benefit: improvement in quality of work

  • Communication and coordination with a single tool

  • Predefined and organised work flow

  • Clear allocation and distribution of tasks

  • Simple collaboration with sub-contractors facilitated by a shared communication and planning tool

A lean app that lets you keep full track:

The app presents all of the day’s tasks in a clearly organised dashboard. This ensures team leaders always keep track of the day’s tasks, such as scheduled formwork setting. Tasks that are in progress, interruptions and completed tasks can be recorded in the app. You also have the possibility of confirming individual process steps for quality management purposes, or upload photos as a record. The tool also lets you export data, as well as selected information that can be used for the construction logbook, out of the app.

Key benefit: keep track of construction progress in real time

  • Current overview of schedule status

  • Efficient team communication thanks to the organised allocation and execution of tasks

  • Transfer of images and comments into the software

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities

  • Transparent allocation of tasks in different languages

  • Team management

CONTAKT hub: the platform for real-time construction site monitoring.

The CONTAKT hub platform collects all the data regarding in-situ concrete processes that you need for your analysis. This data is combined with key indicators that the construction team on site has entered into the system. In other words, you have access to the real-time status and a snapshot of the current situation of your construction sites. If there is need to respond to a specific situation, you are able to react straight away. If progress is deviating from plan, you can make immediate adjustments. This reduces the number of queries arising and the need for you to go on site. As a result, you can focus better on your work and stay up to date with the status of your construction sites at all times.

Proactive construction site management

The software present the following values:

Performance data

  • Construction progress, in volume
  • Construction progress, in number of elements

Team data

  • Daily productive hours
  • Weekly ours worked per team

Performance data

  • Formworks (m²/h)
  • Concrete poured (m³/h)
  • Formwork usage m2/day and m2/week
  • Concrete consumption m³/day and m³/week

Access to the database any time, anywhere, enabling you to export all performance data as an Excel report This can also be used for compiling weekly and monthly reports. CONTAKT hub enables a specific team’s hours to be precisely controlled. This allows bottlenecks to be identified early on so that corrective measures can be taken. Day-by-day data regarding construction progress enables the proactive management of the construction site.

Your advantages with CONTAKT hub:

  • Overview of your construction projects and progress

  • Reliable, sensor-collected data

  • Data from the construction site team used as a basis for analysis and decision-making

  • Definition of milestones

  • Recording of information in the event of deviation

  • Precise bid estimates and work preparation based on accurate estimation of work involved

  • Flagging of sources of error

  • Time savings due to transparency

  • Focussed work

  • Recognition of bottlenecks by proactively managing the construction site and tracking the team’s hours

  • Access to the database any time, anywhere

  • Data export into an Excel spreadsheet or weekly/monthly reports

The construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub brings the following benefits:

  • Real-time construction site progress at a glance

  • Digital construction process planning

  • Simple to use on a tablet, smartphone or PC

  • Transparent costs due to actual field data

  • Improved scheduling and considerable time savings

  • Correct deployment of manpower

  • Prevention of errors, elimination of sources of issues

  • Meaningful data on which future decisions can be based

Digitalise your construction site with the construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub.

Different challenges, schedules and resources – every construction project is unique. Every construction site has the potential to become more digital and more efficient with the construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub. Our construction project management software & app allows you to keep track of your site’s project status at all times.

Four steps to success:

  • A 3D building model: A 3D model of your planned building is a prerequisite for managing a project in our construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub.

  • Connection with the CONTAKT build & hub platform: The planning data are uploaded into the CONTAKT build & hub platform as IFC files.

  • Digitalisation of the construction site: Labour and material planning is transferred to the construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub and sensors are attached to the formwork. You now have a digital construction site and are ready to manage your first project with our construction project management software & app.

  • Team training: We will train the whole team – including the construction manager, site supervisors and foremen – in the use of the construction project management software & app CONTAKT build & hub.

Liveaufnahme von Krahn und Gebäude auf Baustelle gibt Eindrücke von Baufortschritt für digitales Baumanagement


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