Construction diary – why use an online version, rather than the usual paper one?

Jakob Noggler, Technical Lead – Software development, (b.i.m.m GmbH)
“Keeping a classic construction diary, i.e. using pen and paper, is perceived by most as very time-consuming. It is also difficult to keep all the information and pictures together and organise them correctly.
The Sitelife construction documentation function makes it easy to clearly record all work performed and equipment used, and to reference this information and the photos taken to the construction data model. The construction diary also allows a bill of quantities to be linked to the construction diary, which enables the item-by-item invoicing of work and services.

All this leads to less rework, which results in time savings compared to a conventional construction diary.
Sitelife facilitates the involvement of all key players in the project, such as the local construction supervisor or the client, therefore providing an optimum overview of construction progress. Our internal approval processes also allow the mapping of work approvals and checks, and collaboration between all parties is simpler and clearer.”

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